Are you thinking of owning a pilot licence, but want to try what it means first? Looking for an unusual flying experience? Or an original gift? Try what it's like to fly a real plane. You can fly according to our offer or choose your own route.
Each package includes an introductory theoretical part to discuss the basics of flying, aircraft control and pre-flight preparation with an experienced instructor. There will also be maps, weather conditions and aircraft control. Nothing will prevent you from boarding a plane after that. After climbing to a safe height, the instructor will give you control and you can try not only climbing and descending, but also a few turns.

All aircraft have dual piloting, so you don't have to worry about your own safety. You can always choose from two- or four-seater aircraft. In the case of a larger aircraft, you can take two more passengers with you to prepare a beautiful experience in the form of flying over the landscape for them.