Commercial pilot


Program CPL(A)
Pilot training for those who are really serious about flying and want to make a living as a commercial pilot. If you have already completed the PPL(A) training, completed rating and required number of hours flown, you can take the next step on your way to becoming a professional.
  • An applicant for a CPL(A) must have a valid Class I medical certificate
  • Applicant's minimum age for CPL(A) practice exam 18 years
  • Prior to commencing the course, the applicant must be a holder of the PPL(A) certificate issued in accordance with ICAO Annexe 1 and must have flown at least 150 hours as a pilot and complete at least half of the theoretical training in an authorized FTO
The commercial pilot (CPL) course in the basic range of 25 hours is performed on Cessna 150, 172RG aircraft. We understand the training primarily as a preparation for the pilot's future practice in commercial airline transport. Therefore, our syllabus emphasizes flight planning, radionavigation, use of English for flights in the Czech Republic and abroad, pilot's decision-making in case of bad weather conditions or coping with extraordinary and emergency situations. For IR holders, the scope of CPL training is reduced to 15 hours of flight time.
  • 20 hrs Cessna 152 rental
  • 5 hrs Cessna 172RG rental
  • Instructor, briefing and debriefing
3 925 EUR
2 505 EUR (10 hrs relief)
  • Course fee 155 EUR
  • Exams approx. 270 EUR
  • Landing fees approx. 115 EUR
  • VAT 21%
You do not have to pay the full amount in advance, but continuously.
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