Instrument flying with single-engine aircraft


Program (sep ir) pro držitele PPL(a)
Further rating for instrument flying with single-engine aircraft exclusively. Do you want to fly unlimitedly even in bad weather conditions in fog or when there are clouds? You can’t do without this rating. We will teach you to control the aircraft only with the help of instruments without seeing the natural horizon or ground. We mainly use the Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Brno airports to train the precision approach, but we also fly abroad within the course (especially to airports in Dresden, Leipzig, Wroclaw or Hof). All of our IR training instructors are experienced professionals with long experience in flying for airlines or air taxi.
For CPL holders, the number of hours of flight time on C-172 was reduced to 15.
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Class 2 medical certificate
  • PPL(A) with Night rating without limitation
  • Before the practical exam, it is necessary to pass an exam in IR English and to have 50 hours of flight time as PIC
  • 25 flight hours on FNTP II simulator (ATR-42/72)
  • 25 flight hours C-172
  • Instructor
  • Teaching materials
  • Access to PC and flight planning documentation
  • Pre-flight preparation and post-flight analysis
11 000 EUR
8 800 EUR (10 hrs relief)
  • Landing fees approx. 120 EUR
  • Navigation fees approx. 200 EUR
  • Practical exam approx. 360 EUR
  • Course fee 200 EUR
  • VAT 21 %
You do not have to pay the full amount in advance, but continuously.
Briefing and debriefing 30 min for free and then 40 EUR / hour.
Course price list for download

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