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Get a pilot license, whether you want to fly as a professional pilot or just for fun.

private pilot or professional commercial pilot

Get a 0-ATPL certificate that includes all training, including professional airliner pilot training. If you want to fly for your pleasure, the PPL(A) Private Pilot course is prepared for you.
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get one of the best pilot licences thanks to which you can fly any aircraft. ppl(a) licence is the first step to become a commercial (transport) pilots. the utmost care is paid to our students to make their pilot dreams come true as soon as possible.

Zdeněk Sedláček

3 000 hours of flight time in total

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See the machines for your first air adventure.

cessna 172S

Easy-to-use, four-seater aircraft with outstanding economical operation. Ideal for basic training navigation flights, night flying, time building and travelling central europe.

Cessna 172

Easy-to-use, four-seater aircraft with outstanding economical operation. The aircraft is certified for basic training, night flying, instrument flying and travelling central europe.

Cessna 152

Easy-to-use, two-seater aircraft with outstanding economical operation. Ideal for private pilot training, night training and time building.

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Did you also believe that flying is almost impossible for an ordinary person? Wrong! Getting a pilot license is much easier than you might think. Whether you plan your own trips by plane or want to provide professional pilot services, we will help you on your way to your pilot license. We will enjoy the training together and fly over a beautiful landscape. Just choose your ideal course.

how our students evaluate
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Martin Procházka
When i first came to czech aviation fc, i was surprised. The instructor took me through the pre-flight preparation, on board a plane, and in a few minutes we got into the air. It was decided. I knew immediately that the training had started.
Martin Procházka
Michal Kubo
We met at the airport and saw the planes straight. mr Sedláček immediately made an impression on me as a helpful and professional person. You could tell he was really enjoying flying. I completed the course within 5 months and i give it 10 points out of 10.
Michal Kubo

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