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Cessna 172 OK-MMA

Easy-to-control four-seat aircraft with a very good operation economy and average fuel consumption of 29 litres/hours. Ideal for basic PPL(A) courses, night flying, and travelling around Central Europe. The plane has been reconstructed extensively (new leather interior, engine, and Garmin GNC 255A (8.33) radio). You can also rent a portable GPS Garmin 695 with the plane.
  • Radio/NAV Garmin GNC 255A (8.33)
  • S transponder
  • Leather interior, 2016
  • New engine, January 2021
  • GPS Garmin 695
  • Maximum travel speed: 115 knots (213 km/h)
  • Travel speed: 110 knots (204 km/h)
  • Stalling speed: 43 knots (79 km/h)
  • Flight range: 440 nm (815 km)
  • Ceiling: 14 700 ft (4 480 m)
  • Take-off distance: 890 ft (271 m)
  • Rate of climb: 715 ft/min (3,6 m/s)
  • Standard empty weight: 1 454 lb (660 kg)
  • MTOW: 2 400 lb (1 089 kg)
221 EUR
Price without 21% VAT
  • Safety pilot, 58 EUR/hour
  • Navigation fee
Our fleet contains a wide range of planes, from small two-seat airplanes that are recommended for beginner’s courses, to high-tech two-engine planes that are good for taking trips around Europe. The planes are our pride and joy and the care we take of them reflects that. All of them have new engines (factory new), coats of paint, upgraded avionics, and modern interiors. Safety is paramount to us and the maintenance of our planes follows the most stringent safety standards.

Aircraft rental is easy, flexible, and for fantastic prices. We’ll be glad to answer your questions regarding detailed specifications, plane equipment, and rental. Simply contact us..

A Cessna 172 OK-MMA

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