The company was founded in 2010 in Příbram. After 5 years we moved to the Mladá Boleslav airport where we’re still based today. In 2016 the company passed to a new owner, was renamed Czech Aviation FC (now JetForTrip s.r.o.) and reorganised. In the same year, we were awarded the ATO certificate for teaching PPL(A), Night, and SEP/IR(A) courses and began operating as a flight school.

Over the course of our operations, we expanded our fleet from the original two planes to the current six. We also vastly increased the amount of services provided. We offer practical courses and theory to supplement LAPL, PPL(A), NIGHT, SEP/IR, MEP, MEP/IR, CPL(A), IRI, and CRI courses. We also teach theory for ATPL(A/H), CPL(A/H) a IR(A/H). Moreover, we specialise in airplane rental, joy flights, private air transport of persons and cargo, and aircraft import/export.

In 2021 in Mladá Boleslav, we moved into new premises of ca 300 m2 in surface area. Nowadays, our company provides our clients with a complete background, including our own offices, classroom, and conference room.

Despite the expansion of our business, we’re still a family company and take great care to approach each client individually. We provide professional quality services for fully transparent prices.


  • Course prices include no hidden fees. We state the final price for a prescribed curriculum, including the chosen time of flight;
  • Our instructors are professional pilots with years of experience. They are fully at your disposal throughout the course (usually 2–3 instructors).
  • We’re the only school in the Czech Republic that uses, for exams, with identical CAA questions uploaded.
  • The Mladá Boleslav airport has two perpendicular runways, allowing us to easily practice crosswind flight.
  • The runways don’t get soaked in rain, meaning we can fly throughout the year.
  • We fly every single day, on weekends, and on holidays.
  • Our airport has fantastic facilities with a restaurant, café, and aviation museum.
  • In 99% of cases you can begin training on the very same day you decide to sign up for a course.
  • Our planes are kept in a perfect condition, with regular servicing and modernising. Our Cessnas 150, 152, 172, 421C and Piper Seneca III have new engines and propellers.
  • You don’t have to pay the entire fee at the start of your course—you pay as you go.