Aircraft Rental

Time building

For pilots who need build additional flight hours for continuing in professional flight training we prepared special rental offers for our airplanes. You can take advantage of discounted flight hours based on purchased package of block hours. As part of our Time Building program you can make your individual schedule. And if you are planning flight to an unfamiliar airport or you wish to make a flight trip abroad, you may use a service of our Safety Pilot who will help you with flight planning, navigation and communication abroad.

For foreign students we offer assistance with arrangement of accommodation and help with administrative procedures related to issue a VISA for non-EU nationals.
0-50 hrs More than 51 hrs
Cessna 150 OK-EKI 3 490 CZK 3 290 CZK
Cessna 152 OK-MMC 3 490 CZK 3 290 CZK
Cessna 172P OK-MMA 4 290 CZK 3 990 CZK
Cessna 172S OK-OLV 4 990 CZK 4 690 CZK