“Very professional conduct and a friendly atmosphere. I took their flight course and then practiced flying after a long pause. In both cases, all of the employees were friendly, accommodating, and attended to me more obligingly than they had to. Five stars out of five, would choose again.”
David Muschalik
“I renewed my SEP qualifications with Czech Aviation. As a transport pilot, I greatly appreciate the exceedingly professional and personal approach of the instructors, as well as their helpfulness and flexibility in terms of time. I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in quality flying courses.”
Aleš Hloucal
“My course at this school was conducted very professionally. The instructors were kind and personable. I can recommend this flight school to anyone interested in getting a pilot’s licence, be it for private or professional reasons.”
Vít Buranda
“I’m very happy with the course. The planes were always available, the experienced instructors had a fantastic attitude and were flexible, taking my availability into account.
Transferring to this school was the right decision and I’m looking forward to continuing my course.”
Rostislav Vondra
I’m currently renting planes from this school for time building so I can’t judge their courses at the moment. But I definitely plan on taking one as I’m very satisfied here.
This school’s team is full of nice and accommodating people. There’s always a nice atmosphere and the planes are in a great condition—it’s clear the owner invests in the instruments and interior to provide the crew with the highest quality and safety.
I also greatly appreciate the fair treatment, individual approach, and obliging attitude.
I’ve tried several flight schools and I have to say it definitely isn’t common for a school to possess all these qualities.”
Kamila Rybenská
“I’m attending a complete 0–ATPL course at this school. I appreciate the individual approach to students, and professional instructors who are very obliging, prepared to answer any question, and explain everything to the last detail. All instructors have years of experience and some fly with professional airlines. I greatly appreciate their flexibility in regards to my availability, and the friendly atmosphere. The school has enough planes and instructors which prevents unnecessary intervals between lessons, including time building.
The Mladá Boleslav airport has two runways to practice crosswind take-offs and landing. There are modern facilities for studying theory, as well as a restaurant with a view of the airport traffic. The nearby LKKB and LKPR controlled areas are good for practicing communication and taking a IFR course.”
Jaroslav Kučera
“Great school with professional instructors who are always ready to help and satisfy a client’s needs. I like their personal approach to teaching, and their patience. Fair prices and good planes.”
Marina Kulková
“Last year I was taking a PPL(A) course from June to October. I was lucky to have great instructors. The management and instructors treat the students in a friendly and professional manner. They made the theoretical and practical part of the course easy to understand and I managed without any substantial issues. If I failed to understand something, I could ask about it, no worries. When planning course hours, the instructors took my studies into account and were extremely forthcoming. The course took place at the Mladá Boleslav airport with its two runways, which made it possible to consider the current wind direction when landing. The communication remained very friendly even after the course was over.”
Václav Hrbáček
“I took the SEP IR course and it was a great experience. I tried several schools and this is the only one I can recommend with no reservations. It was one of the few to comply with all my requests regarding my availability, the aircraft equipment, and instructors. The instructors were nothing if not professional and friendly. Their approach always struck a perfect balance between an easy-going atmosphere on board and firm instructing. Both before and after the summer they found the time to answer my additional questions and provide me with a serious briefing and debriefing. You’re expected to be prepared for a specific flight and task, and that’s how it’s supposed to be! I only hope they’ll maintain their standards and inspire other schools, especially when it comes to approaching students on an individual basis. PS: It’s also the only flight school I’ve been to which didn’t charge above the initial course price.”
Lukáš Chlebovec


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